Student Council

The School Council is made up of one person from each House Group from Years 7 through to Year 11. This house group representative brings the House Group’s opinions, suggestions and thoughts about what is happening in school, to the School Council. The School Council meets once a half term in PSHE time. They usually meet in 2 groups years 7, 8 & 9 together and then Years 10 & 11 together. Occasionally there will be a joint meeting.

School Councillors may be asked to help out at special events or may show visitors around the school. When new teaching staff are appointed, School Councillors interview the candidates and tell the Head Teacher who they favour and why.

If an item is brought to the school Council and the School Council decide it needs taking further, they can take it directly to the Head Teacher. The Head Teacher meets with 10 members of the School Council every half term. This meeting involves two Council members from each year group. In this meeting the Head Teacher may also ask the Councillors opinions on various ideas he has.

In recent years, the School Council have got more litter bins around the school, had the toilets upgraded and the menu in Megabytes changed.

The School Council is the Students Voice in School.