The answers to these FAQs are based on the conditionality of the lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic. They may change as lockdown regulations are relaxed and we move towards September 2020.

FAQ from students

If this year there are no Year 6 transition days as normally planned, how will I be inducted into Hetton School?

Please try not to worry about this. We will work hard to ensure that when you are able to come into school that you will be fully supported. We are looking at virtual ways for you to meet your Head of House and Form Tutor in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please use the school website and social media platforms to keep up to date with events and activities.

Will I be with people I know in my tutor group?

We are not sure yet how the school day will run in September. However, we always try to make sure that there are some students from your Primary school with you. Year 11 students regularly talk about how they have really enjoyed meeting new people during their secondary school careers and the long-lasting friendships they have made as a result.

How will I know who my tutor is and how will they get to know me?

We will let you know who your tutor is before you start at Hetton School. Even though you might not be able to meet your tutor before the summer, you will receive a virtual welcome from them. We will also be checking the information that both your Year 6 teachers and your parents have told us so that we can support your individual needs.

What happens if I get lost?

You should already have received a map of the school in your Transition pack. You will also be able to watch a virtual tour of the school online. Finally, when you first

arrive to school, we aim to set up small group tours so you can have a look around. You can also ask any member of staff who will be happy to help you.

What happens if I feel like I don’t know very many people?

Again, we are not sure yet how the school day will run in September but we will try to provide you with as many opportunities as possible for you to meet new friends. You can always talk to your tutor or Head of House if you need help.

How long is lunch time?

Due to possible social distancing rules, breaks and lunchtimes may need to be staggered but you will get some time to socialise with your friends during the day. At lunchtimes you can use the school canteen or bring a packed lunch. We will let you know the timings of your breaks once they have been agreed.

What if feel like I need some extra support in school about how I am feeling?

We have a large pastoral team here to offer additional support. This includes your tutor, Head of House, Senior Leaders, the Learning Support team, a school counsellor and other pastoral staff. Wellbeing is one of our top priorities as a school and something we do a lot of work on so we advise all students to talk to us at any point if they feel they would like some help.

What time does the school day start and finish?

There may be a need for different year groups to have a staggered start to help with social distancing. The school day starts with registration where you spend some time with your tutor. You will have five 1 hour lessons per day. We will let you know the timings of the school day once they have been agreed.

Can I use my phone in school?

No. There is no need to use your phone during the school day. If there are any special circumstances then please talk to your form tutor or Head of House.

FAQs from parents

Can my child be with their friends in their tutor group?

Tutor groups are carefully put together using a wide range of information. We work closely with Year 6 teachers to ensure that each tutor group is well balanced and that your child has students from their current Primary school in their tutor group.

What do I do if I have a concern or a question in relation to my child?

We always welcome parents keeping in touch with us. This can either be by email or phone with your child’s tutor, Head of House or any pastoral team member. You can call the main office any time and ask to speak to a member of the pastoral team who will be happy to help. Staff will be teaching during the school day so they may not always be able to get in touch immediately, but we will always respond.

Is there an opportunity to come in and talk to my child’s tutor or teachers?

Yes, there will be a tutor evening where you will meet with your child’s tutor within the first half term and then a subject evening where you can meet with your child’s teachers. Again, if at any point you would like to speak to your child’s tutor, please don’t hesitate to call or email them.

If you have any other questions, please just ask!