Applying online for a place at Hetton School if you live in the Sunderland Local Authority.

Visit the Sunderland City Council website at:


Applying online for a place at Hetton School if you live in the Durham Local Authority.

Visit the Durham County Council website as you apply for your child’s place within the authority you live.


Follow the instructions on the website creating an account in the Parent Portal. Complete the required information.

You will see Local Authority box that states Durham click and this will release a drop-down menu from which you can select Sunderland then Hetton School from the list in the next box.

Our four main partner primary schools are:

Easington Lane Primary School – http://www.easingtonlaneprimary.org.uk/
Eppleton Academy – http://www.eppletonacademyprimary.co.uk/
Hetton Primary School – http://www.hettonprimaryschool.co.uk/
Hetton Lyons Primary School – http://www.hettonlyonsprimaryschool.co.uk/

As well as our main partner primaries, we also work with:

East Rainton – http://eastrainton.org.uk/
The Ribbon, Murton – http://www.theribbonschool.co.uk
South Hetton – http://www.southhetton.durham.sch.uk
Gillas Lane Primary School – http://www.gillaslaneprimaryschool.co.uk/
Bernard Gilpin Primary School – http://www.bernardgilpin.com/

If you are interested in your son/daughter joining at Hetton School (in any year group), please contact Headteacher Mr C Knowles on 0191 562 33 22 or by email hetton.school@schools.sunderland.gov.uk to organise a personal visit.