Statutory Items

School Website Statutory Items

This page allows you to quickly jump to the items that the Department for Education have determined all maintained schools must publish online.

Paper copies are available on request by contacting the school on 0191 562 33 22 or by email

1. School Contact Details
2. Admission Arrangements
3. Ofsted Report
4. Exam Results
5. Performance Tables (Progress 8, Attainment 8, EBacc %, pupil destinations)
6. Curriculum
7. Attendance Policy & Attendance Procedures
8. Child Protection Policy (Under review)
9. Behaviour Policy
10. Pupil Premium Strategy
11.Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium
12.Special educational needs (SEND) report
13.Charging and Remissions Policy
14.Values and Ethos
15.Complaints Procedure
16.Equality and Diversity Policy
17.Equalities Action Plan
18.Details of the amount of time off taken by staff who are union officials
19.Governing Body – Current Terms of Reference, Attendance, Pecuniary Interests
20.Equalities Information and Objectives