Important Information

This section of our website is used to share as much information about our school as we can. Our aim is to be open and transparent and we welcome feedback on any aspect of our work at Hetton School.

• Statutory Items

Our aims at Hetton are simple – outstanding teaching and learning leading to high achievement for all.

Our values are clear: Respect. Learn. Achieve.

Respect – students should respect themselves and all others in our school. We expect them to show good manners and politeness at all times. In return, they should expect to be treated the same way.

• Learn – learning is the very reason why students attend school. Students will be given every opportunity to learn and develop academically, emotionally, socially and physically.

• Achieve – we expect every individual, whatever their ability, to achieve their very best in every lesson, every week, every term, every year and to have significantly progressed by the time they finish Hetton School.

In addition, students are involved in the vast array of extra-curricular activities available to them and have a voice in how the school is run. We expect all of our students to achieve their potential – both in terms of exam grades and personal development. We set challenging targets for each individual and provide the guidance and support needed to fulfil potential. We strive to ‘personalise’ what we provide to students during their time at Hetton. In Key Stage 4, students may choose a traditional GCSE path or combine GCSEs with a range of vocational courses and/or other qualifications.

Whilst the fabric of the building is less than good, our classrooms and sports facilities are of a good standard and facilitate good teaching and learning. We look forward to our brand new school building in 2016. We prepare students well for life after school, helping them develop the attitudes, qualities and skills necessary to succeed in the adult world. The majority of our students progress to Sunderland College (we have a formal partnership agreement) and I play a part in the quality assurance of this provision. We therefore have excellent transitional arrangements in place to ensure smooth progression.

We welcome any type of feedback, positive or negative about the school. If you have any concerns regarding your son or daughter, do not hesitate to contact me.

We are here to work with you to support your son or daughter’s learning and to help them achieve. Hetton School is very much part of the local community. The success of our young people will only be achieved by all of us working together – students, staff, parents, governors and the wider community.

Mr Craig Knowles – Head Teacher