At Hetton school, we believe that good Literacy and Numeracy skills are essential to success in all subjects across the curriculum and indeed, to support further learning on whatever pathways our students take in the future. It is important that students realise that the skills they learn in Mathematics are not unique to this subject but can be transferred to lots of other subjects. As a reminder of this, each student is given a sticker in each subject highlighting the following;

• Have you already learned the skills in your Maths class?
• Use ‘estimation’ to check that your answers are sensible
• Show ‘working out’ and check the units in your answers
• Always ‘double-check’ your method and solutions
• Graphs- label the axes and check the scale
• Percentages, Fractions and Decimals are equivalent (e.g. 75% = ¾ = 0.75)

We also now run an intervention programme to support specific students in improving their numeracy skills where necessary. Year 10 Peer Tutors teach those pupils regularly every morning during registration in order to improve a range of skills as well as hopefully, their confidence in this area.