Most Able


At Hetton School we celebrate students who embody our Learn to Achieve philosophy. This means we award WOW points for:


We also display students’ outstanding work on our WOW wall. It is full of work done by our students that made us go ‘WOW!’

The culmination of our students’ success is celebrated in our annual awards ceremony, bringing together academic, sporting, community and other successes.

Most Able – Aims

• Provide all students with learning experiences and opportunities, which will help them to fulfil their potential and secure the highest possible levels of achievement.
• Develop lively, inquiring minds, ensuring that all students are capable of independent thought.
• Help stimulate and motivate able and talented students to help prepare them for adult life.
• Provide our most able and talented students with opportunities to work at higher cognitive levels through differentiated provision.
• Support all staff in meeting the needs of more able and talented students and in the identification of these students.


• Promote appropriate educational provision for the most able and talented students.
• Support a partnership with parents/carers, valuing their views and contributions and keeping them fully involved in their child’s education.
• Offer a whole school approach towards the provision of an effective education for the most able and talented students, which is endorsed enthusiastically by all staff.
• Promote equal opportunities for all students to engage in a broad and balanced curriculum.
• Create an atmosphere in which students are comfortable with being identified as more able talented.


Most able: Students that enter the school with a KS2 Average Level of 5b and above. These students make up between 7-13% of each year group. This identification is fixed throughout the students five years at Hetton School.

Talented: Students who have been identified as significantly working above national average in each subject area. Talented students will be identified by departments annually.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Student achievements will be monitored and evaluated with each assessment window entry. General subject leader monitoring will focus on MAT students as one priority area. Additionally, termly work scrutinies will focus on the work of MAT students, and formal monitoring of lessons which include MAT students will have a specific focus on the work and progress of at least one of these students. This process will include:

• Regular observation and recording of progress across the curriculum.
• Encouraging students to assess and review their own performance.
• Check that the level of work being completed by MAT students is appropriately challenging.
• Valuing out of school achievements.
• Intervention activities to prevent underachievement.
• Monitoring of MAT students using VLE to extend their learning.

The responsibility for evaluation will fall to the More Able and Talented Lead Teacher, who will report directly to the Senior Leadership Team. The evaluation will include feedback from teachers, subject leaders, students and parents. Results of the evaluation will be shared with the Senior Leadership periodically and used to inform SLT/SL link meetings.