Learn to Achieve


Our goal is to build a growth mind-set in our students and avoid the fixed mind-set that can trap them on a plateau, causing them to fall short of their potential.

What is Learn to Achieve?
• A belief that we can all improve – that ability is not fixed.
• Embracing challenge – because it makes us stronger.
• Showing resilience – sticking in when the going gets tough.
•Welcome mistakes – learning from them is the way we grow and achieve success.
• Giving 100% effort – this will always prevail over talent alone in the long-term.
• Seek out and learn from feedback – learning from those that know or have experience.
• Find inspiration in the success of others – achievement is not competitive, it is complementary.

We aim to prevent:
• A student thinking they are ‘clever’ or ‘talented’ which can lead to coasting. This can lead to a slow-down of academic progress, often manifested as a lack
of effort or challenging themselves.
• A student thinking that if they work hard they will do well, even as learning becomes more complex. It is no good working hard at the wrong thing.