28th August 2020 – Update from Mr Knowles

Following the publication of additional government guidance on face coverings we have reviewed our initial statement about the wearing of face masks.


We want to ensure that our students feel safe and are safe when they return to school on Wednesday next week.


Although this is not compulsory, students and staff are encouraged to wear face masks in communal indoor areas such as corridors, toilets and dining hall. The guidance states that students are not encouraged to wear a mask in classrooms where students are in their year grouping, but the school will not object if a student chooses to wear one.


The school is not responsible for providing masks. It is the parent/carer responsibility to provide a clean face covering of an approved type. Students may only wear a simple face mask which, if worn, should cover the nose and mouth. No masks can be worn with images or slogans which are a distraction or can cause offence. Scarves, snoods and full face coverings are not acceptable. Please ensure your child if wearing a mask has an understanding of how to safely  put on and remove a mask, including the importance of hand washing, and how to store this when not worn. We recommend a sealable plastic bag.


This is an additional layer of protection and does not detract from the need for students and staff to socially distance and to hand wash frequently.

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