3rd July 2020 – School Update

For those Parents / Carers who are Keyworkers, this should be an absolute last resort but if you need to send your child(ren) into school week commencing (13.07.20) can you please let us know by 11:30am on Thursday (09.07.20). We will reissue this message on a weekly basis in line with Government guidelines.

For Year 10 students only, the school will continue to be partially open for the last three weeks of school. This has been communicated separately to the students involved. Only those in year 10 or those who are LAC or have an EHCP are now expected to attend their allocated school sessions week commencing Monday 06.07.20.

For all other students who do not fall into the criteria above please continue with the home-schooling provision via Classcharts.


Message from Mr Knowles


The Department for Education have provided two documents to help explain:


1. School provision between now and 31st August

What parents and carers need to know


2. School provision from September

What parents and carers need to know


Whilst these are generic documents they contain useful insight and the facts rather than media interpretation. As a school we will communicate more with you before the end of the summer term to outline our plans, which will differ in some ways from these generic documents, but always be in line with government regulation and guidelines. We will always put student safety and education at the forefront of our thinking.


Year 10

We would like to highlight some key messages to our Year 10 students

You should be accessing Class Charts every day to see the work that has been set by your teachers. More and more lessons are being delivered online (via Zoom with full safety precautions). These are linked to your Class Charts classes and can be accessed by any device with an internet connection.

We have set up online learning conversations for small groups of students and your class teachers. Through Class Charts, you will receive a link to a Zoom meeting from your class teacher. This can be accessed on the web, but ideally you would have downloaded the Zoom app in advance. In the conversation, you will be joined by up to eight others from your class. Your teacher will check on how you have been doing, talk through the most crucial work you should be doing and suggest ways you can work independently to stay up to date ahead of a return in September.

These learning conversations, together with the extensive work set on Class Charts and phone calls from your tutor, will be in-place of any physical face-to-face sessions. However, we continue to look at other ways to support your core learning.


Home Learning

We hope you are continuing to enjoy the more interactive lessons this week and all of the challenges that are being shared on Facebook; we are loving the responses so please keep them coming!

Remember to check Class Charts every day to keep up with the work being set. If a Zoom invitation is received, remember that it is beneficial to have downloaded the app prior to the meeting.

Yr10 students will continue to receive Zoom meeting invitations which need to be attended unless they are in school. It is imperative that our Yr10 students attend these Zoom sessions.

In addition to the Zoom meetings during normal school hours the schedule below details departments that will host after school hours Zoom meetings to support those who are unable to attend during normal school hours. Staff could invite you to attend but all after school sessions will end at 6pm.

  • Monday – English (Lit and Lang)
  • Tuesday – Maths
  • Wednesday – Science
  • Thursday – Humanities
  • Friday – Non Core subjects (inc tech and French)

There is a new section on our website under the student link which is titled ‘Home Learning’. Here you will find some helpful guides to safety online, Class Charts and zoom lessons.

Can I once again remind everyone that students should be constantly uploading their work to Class Charts; this allows class teachers to give feedback, and ensure progress is being made. If students need any specific help with tasks, please contact the school and we will direct you to somebody who can help.

The welfare of our students is obviously still our primary concern and we would like to stress that it is imperative that regular breaks are taken for fresh air and refreshments. We are always looking into ways to improve our online content and hope that the recent improvements will continue to increase the variety in our delivery and enthuse our students.


Year 6 Students

Lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic has been essential but it has made the transition for Y6 to secondary school very difficult. Even with lockdown rules relaxing, the guidance advises that no transition activities for Y6 should take place. However, here is a list of the transition support that has happened and what is still to happen.

So far:

1)    A ‘Welcome to Hetton School’ pack was posted to Y6 students & parents. This asked for confidential information to help us get to know your child and also included information about the school; a map of the school; guidance on school & PE uniforms; pictures of Heads of House plus other important school policies.

2)    A Virtual tour of the school was placed on the school website.

3)    The school website transition page was increased to include the names and faces of key staff who are mentioned in the virtual tour.

4)    The school website transition page was increased to include some Frequently Asked Questions.

5)    Year 6 welcome assemblies that cover key points are on the school website.

6)    The Heads of House have made welcome videos which are on the school website.

7)    Welcome postcards from the Heads of House have been posted out.


Still to come:


1)    Virtual meetings with Year 6 teachers & students are taking place where possible.

2)    Welcome emails will be sent directly to parents so they can have any individual questions answered.

3)    A virtual presentation to parents from the Headteacher will be available on the school website.


Class Charts

Just reminder that if you are having difficulty with Class Charts please see the help sheets links, additionally to that please contact the school and we will get back to you.

Class Charts for pupils guide

Class Charts for parents guide

If your child wishes to discuss lesson content with their teachers, they can email teachers directly.


Student Wellbeing

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s metal health and you would like to talk to someone from school or for school to contact you individually, in addition to the tutor calls that are taking place, then please contact the school by email.


Social Media

Departments have been setting challenges for you all to join in with, we look forward to posting your responses next week.

Monday – Mr Watson’s posted round five of the staff baby photo competition.

Tuesday – Mr Ferguson set the ‘5K’ P.E. challenges. Mr Watson & our English department are continuing the challenge to create a Tik Tok style rap. This will remain open to all this half term and the winner gets a £25 Amazon voucher.

Wednesday – Our Humanities department set you the ‘Hetton Geographer of the week’ challenge. The task is to take a picture of something geography related. This might be something you see on your daily exercise or from a previous holiday you have been on or even something in your home. Submit your answers to Miss Sewell.

Mr Busby set you a challenge using different materials to create a piece of headwear to commemorate a country, for example make the Eiffel Tower made out of cardboard. Please photograph your efforts and then email them to Mr Busby.

Thursday – The science department set you the ‘Experience Gravity Free Water’ task and Miss Naisbitt set you a Media challenge to create your own news report for an issue which is NOT currently being reported in the news. You could choose to create a TV video broadcast, a radio recording, or a media print. Please send you submissions to Miss Naisbitt via email.

Friday – Mr P will host his weekly Friday quiz at 2pm today and Miss Small has set a Business department treasure hunt . We have issued our HoY weekly bulletin on social media which rounds up all the fantastic things our students have been doing this week. The answer for the staff baby photo will be announced later today.

New challenges will be set next week, please keep social media and we would like you to join in with us!


Student Achievement

Our reward system at Hetton School is something we make a big deal out of as it is used to reward students with WOW point for their contribution to work in lessons and school life. Huge congratulations to Abbie who has achieved the following award this week, well done!


Abbie Swallow – 900 WOW points – Governors Award


Email – hetton.school@schools.sunderland.gov.uk

Hetton School – 0191 5623322

School Comms – text the gateway via your app


Hetton School updates

Blog – www.hettonweb.co.uk/wordpress/ or Facebook / Instagram

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