Yr6 Message from Mr Knowles

Message to Yr6 students from Mr Knowles – 10th June 2020

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A.      Introduction

  • Hello everyone.
  • This message is being recorded on Wednesday 10th June 2020 and is intended for all Yr6 pupils who will be joining us in September, plus parents of those students.
  • The situation we have all been in over the past few months has been one that none of us could have foreseen, and it has led to so much pain, loss and sacrifice. My thoughts go out to anyone who has lost loved ones during this pandemic that has caused upheaval in our lives.
  • In this message I intend to lay out key information for students and parents and talk about what the future may hold for us in September.


B.      Yr6 message

  • If you are a Year 6 pupil or parent you must be confused and frustrated right now. Some of you may be going into school or planning to. If you are then please continue to work with your teacher to make sure you and everyone stays safe.
  • You should have received a transition pack from us and we are working with your primary school to help them prepare you to come to us in September.
  • We have offered your school the opportunity to use our school building with your Year 6 teacher if it is required (because of a lack of space at your primary school). They will be deciding on this in the coming week or so.
  • In terms of transition, we will not now be able to proceed with the two days we had planned for you on our site in July. The Department for Education are actively discouraging on-site transition because putting together pupils from different schools with new staff leads to much higher risks of transmission. This is understandable and we will reluctantly accept their decision.
  • However, what we plan to do is a ‘Virtual Transition’. This will involve a video presentation from me and some of my senior team, video messages from the three heads of house and even some Zoom lessons you can attend from a few teachers. We know that this isn’t the same, but we hope that you will understand why. We will make it up to you in September with more orientation activities.
  • Please contact us by email if you have any questions or concerns.


C.      Conclusion

  • I hope that you have been able to keep up to date with all the messages we have been putting out on our social media pages. We post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, whilst ensuring that all our key messages get copied to ClassCharts for younger students.
  • There have been lots of challenges posted in the last two weeks and these are for Yr6 pupils too!
  • We have had Miss Ruddell’s art and baking challenges, ones from English and Media, Quizzes from Mr Hutchinson, guess the teacher from the baby photo, and lots more.
  • Many of you have also already had a go at the challenges on the new Hetton PE Facebook page, and through all these options you can earn WOW points or even the chance to win Amazon vouchers.
  • I’m sure everyone of you is wondering what school will be like in September, but at present, I’m not entirely sure myself. We are developing a range of solutions to the issues, so that we prepare in the best way possible, but I am sure that you will be back at school for at least the majority of your week.
  • The Department for Education and the Local Authority are providing guidance, and we will take on board everything that is necessary to work in your best interests. You will always be at the centre of our decisions.
  • Finally, and on a personal note, I have been a teacher or Headteacher for 23 year, and I could never have foreseen the situation we find ourselves in. The last few months have been tough because we have all missed our students. Hetton School is all about helping you to become the best that you can be, so not being with them day-to-day, to support and challenge them, has felt hard.
  • We are all adjusting and learning new ways to work and live, but it will be how resilient we are, that will determine our success in coming back stronger. We are, and will always be, committed to you as individuals.

Take care and stay safe.

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