Student Learning in the event of closure

Student Learning in the event of closure


  • Three remote access student learning systems would operate:
  1. ClassCharts – all students, parents/carers and teachers have access to ClassCharts online or via the app. We would use this platform (the homework section) to deliver work for lessons, including explanations and instructions via mp3, mp4, MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and other applications. Students have all been given passwords. The parent app can be downloaded at , the student app here , and other Microsoft applications here
  2. Messenger Class Groups – as ClassCharts does not have a ‘chat’ function, some teachers may use Messenger as a mechanism for students to pose questions, for the teacher to respond and to send out messages and reminders. Class teachers will organise the setting up of such groups and will ensure that no individual interaction will be permitted; this will be monitored carefully.
  3. All students have a Gmail account set up via the school. Whilst the school bears no responsibility (and indeed has no control), over the use of this site, it is a mechanism where a teacher could send learning materials to students through email and Google Classrooms.


  • Year 11 students will also be issued with revision packs. This should be used in addition to work set by teachers using ClassCharts.
  • Some subjects may give students ready-made hard copies of the work that is expected to be completed but this will be indicated on ClassCharts.
  • If we receive notice of school closure in enough time, students will be told to collect their exercise books from their teachers during the day before closure to enable a continuity of work at home (completing the ClassCharts set work).

Please could you help your child by ensuring that they have somewhere quiet to work. In the event of an extended school closure, we would ask that you create conditions that are conducive to allow for 5-6 hours of good quality work each day.

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