Hetton Honours

Hetton Honours Success

This week we have been celebrating the success of our students and rewarding them for their outstanding achievements. Mr. Magee led two Hetton Honours assemblies that focussed on the recent success of the England football team and the need for all of our students to challenge themselves to succeed. Jordan Pickford was used as an example of someone from the local area that has faced adversity, shown incredible resilience and achieved his dreams. The message to our students was clear – dedication, hard work and learning from your mistakes will take you wherever you want to go.

43 students from Year 7 were awarded their Bronze Hetton Honours award in an assembly with Mrs. McKeown and Mr. Wilkinson, our ever supportive governor. This is a fantastic achievement by these students and shows that they have made every effort to ‘stand out from the crowd’ during a successful first year at secondary school.

Mr. Knowles awarded Gold Hetton Honours awards to 7 students from Years 9 and 10. These students have shown a wonderful attitude in school, taken advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them and shown a determination to succeed.

Well done to all of the students rewarded in this week’s assemblies.


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