Activity Day


Next Tuesday (10.07.18)  is Activities Day at Hetton School. The day will start as normal, but finish after afternoon registration (1.20pm). Students do not have to wear uniform – but It is important that students dress appropriately for the warm weather, stay hydrated and wear sun scream if necessary. There will be external vendors selling drinks and snacks, but lunch will be served as normal in school. Please find below more details about ‘What is Activities Day at Hetton School?’

At Hetton School we dedicate one whole morning off curriculum timetable to have ‘fun’. We call this period of time ‘Activities Day’. This day involves students being organised in House groups and going on to the field and doing a range of skills based activities that involve using leadership and teamwork skills. These activities encourage students and teachers to work together as a team with a common goal of participating in games, that encourage living a healthy lifestyle, but also promote mental well-being. This experience improves relationships between teachers and students, which is essential when leading students through their educational journey/experience at Hetton School.

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