Hetton Welcomes the Lions

On Monday, Hetton School hosted a special event with 133 Year 5 students from their partner primary schools of Hetton Primary, Eppleton Academy Primary, Hetton Lyons Primary, East Rainton Primary, and Easington Lane Primary School.

Hetton School was delighted to welcome the Lions of Zululand – a talented group of singers and dancers from South Africa. The performers enjoyed promoting the culture of South Africa and having a great time with the students. The group performed and demonstrated their unique culture through dance and music to the delight of pupils, staff, parents and governors. The atmosphere was electric as the ‘Lions’ rushed into the hall screaming, singing, dancing, playing the drums and waving shields and sticks.


The pupils then had the opportunity to spend the day with the ‘Lions’ who put on workshops celebrating the similarities and differences between British and Zulu culture. The children worked in small groups to learn about Zulu language and culture, Zulu art, songs and dance.


They learned how to greet each other using the Zulu language and discovered facts about how the people live in traditional ways. At the end of the day the students came together again to show what they had learned as they sang and danced together with the Lions of Zululand for one last performance in front of parents.


The students said it was a wonderful day and that they had a brilliant time. All the schools involved are very grateful to the ‘Lions’ team. Hetton School Headteacher, Craig Knowles, said “The whole event really opened everyone’s eyes to the culture and diversity of others in the world, but also to the similarities we all share. The day will stay in the minds of the students for a long time.”


More information on Hetton School can be found on our website www.hetton-school.co.uk or via our Facebook page.


More information on the Lions of Zululand can be found at https://www.lionsofzululand.org.uk/



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