Key Stage 3 Welcome Presentation

We invite all Parents’ of Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 to our Key Stage 3 Welcome Presentation this afternoon from 5-6pm in our Main Hall.  This presentation will give you more information about the experience your child will have us here at Hetton School, and allow you to further support your son/daughter in their learning.

We will introduce our new assessment system and our school’s Learn to Achieve philosophy which is the cornerstone of life here at Hetton School.  The aim of this strategy is to develop resilience, independence, aspiration, a desire to improve and a determination to succeed within all of our students.  This in turn will lead to academic success and a young adult who is ready to face the challenges of post-16 life.  We will also be covering ways in which you can also help complement this Growth Mindset at home.

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