Mathematics Revision Papers

Each week for the next month, you will be able to access 4 new practice papers in order to help your revision. These papers are from the last 5 years of Edexcel examinations (old specification). Although they are not the new 9-1 papers, they do contain questions at an appropriate standard.

Which tier of paper should I choose?
11A1 : Mr Peacock – HIGHER
11A2 : Mr Hutchinson – HIGHER
All other students should choose the FOUNDATION tier papers.

June 2012 Foundation One
June 2012 Higher One
June 2012 Foundation Two
June 2012 Higher Two
November 2012 Foundation One
November 2012 Higher One
November 2012 Foundation Two
November 2012 Higher Two

How do I know if I’ve got the correct answer?
As well as providing you each week with a new set of examination papers, we will be providing you with the official mark schemes for the previous week’s papers. This way, you can have a go at each examination paper before the answers are available to really test yourself (ie – can you do the paper under exam conditions?; are you able to do the paper in the time allocated?). If you are stuck / unsure about a question you can always come and ask your teacher for some assistance prior to the mark scheme being available online.

Good luck and remember your teachers are here for you in school if you need any extra assistance.

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