Codex 1300

Last year was the 1300 year anniversary of the first bible in England and for this every school in Sunderland had an opportunity to rewrite and illustrate a section of the Bible to go into a competition to recreate the Bible. This was then sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury who signed it and it was then sent onto the Pope to read.

Verity Parker won our section, she recreated the story of Samson and Delilah.

The book is now touring schools in Sunderland and we received it today and it’s getting picked up tomorrow night.

If you want to come and see her work in the book, it’s in my room.

I’ve attached some pictures of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope with the bible too.

Please congratulate Verity too when you see her!

Bible Bible 2


Verity Parker - Bible 2


Verity Parker - Bible 3


Verity Parker - Bible

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