24th April 2020 – School Update

COVID-19 Updates General Student Resources

‘Last resort childcare for eligible children’

Hetton School is currently closed with no students attending. For those Parents / Carers with ‘eligible students’ who need to access school for example Keyworkers, LAC and students with an EHCP, this should be an absolute last resort but if you need to send your child(ren) into school week commencing (04.05.20) can you please let us know by 11:30am on Thursday (30.04.2020). We will reissue this message on a weekly basis in line with Government guidelines.


Free School Meals

As it stands, Free School Meal vouchers have been ordered for ALL of Hetton school’s eligible students, which we are delighted about. Vouchers are still taking a few days to get to parents once they have been uploaded, but if you don’t have your vouchers by Monday 27th, do call the school number to check we have your correct details.


Home Learning

Thanks so much to all parents/carers for your efforts in helping your children to complete the work we are setting on Class Charts. We know this is a challenging time and really appreciate your support. We hope that our students in Key Stage 3 are enjoying the projects and that our Yr10 are finding their GCSE work interesting; remember that work can now be sent directly to class teachers through Class Charts so we can give feedback. There have been a number of resources released online this week including Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize. Our teachers are looking at these and will direct students to the relevant work if appropriate. If students wish to complete extra work then these resources are of course available to you. Please don’t hesitate in contacting the school if you have any queries and you will be directed to somebody who can help. Above all, stay safe.


Class Charts

As mentioned previously Class Charts is the platform for teachers to set work for students. Once the work has been submitted teacher will provide feedback on your child’s work in a timely manner. Please do encourage your child to act on the feedback they receive, it is an opportunity to address misconceptions and move their learning forward. If you are having difficulty with Class Charts please see the help sheets links, additionally to that please contact the school and we will get back to you.

Class Charts for pupils guide

Class Charts for parents guide

If your child wishes to discuss lesson content with their teachers they can email teachers directly.


Email – hetton.school@schools.sunderland.gov.uk

Hetton School – 0191 5623322

School Comms – text the gateway via your app


Hetton School updates

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Learning at Home

COVID-19 Updates General Hetton School Life Student Resources

Learning at Home – A guide to Hetton School-led work set by your child’s teacher and list of other useful free resources 

Hetton School set learning in the event of closure or partial closure 

Three remote access student learning systems will operate:
  1. ClassCharts – all students, parents/carers and teachers have access to ClassCharts online or via the app. We would use this platform (the homework section) to deliver work for lessons, including explanations and instructions via mp3, mp4, MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and other applications. Students have all been given passwords. The parent app can be downloaded at https://www.classcharts.com/parent/login , the student app here https://www.classcharts.com/student/login , and other Microsoft applications here https://www.openoffice.org/

  1. Messenger Class Groups – as ClassCharts does not have a ‘chat’ function, some teachers may use Messenger as a mechanism for students to pose questions, for the teacher to respond and to send out messages and reminders. Class teachers will organise the setting up of such groups and will ensure that no individual interaction will be permitted; this will be monitored carefully.

  1. All students have a Gmail account set up via the school. Whilst the school bears no responsibility (and indeed has no control), over the use of this site, it is a mechanism where a teacher could send learning materials to students through email and Google Classrooms.

Year 11 students will also be issued with revision packs. This should be used in addition to work set by teachers using ClassCharts.
Some subjects may give students ready-made hard copies of the work that is expected to be completed but this will be indicated on ClassCharts.

Please could you help your child by ensuring that they have somewhere quiet to work. In the event of an extended school closure, we would ask that you create conditions that are conducive to allow for up to 5-6 hours of good quality work each day.

Best online learning options 

GCSE Pods – All Year 10 and 11 students should know their log in for this video and audio-based platform. The ‘pods’ are 3-5 min bursts of GCSE learning, rigorously quality assured and mapped to all major GCSE exams boards.
Children’s University of Manchester - Interactive site that covers KS3 Science quite well
BBC Bitesize - Wide ranging site that most students will be aware of
Activity Village - KS3 Art and Design links
Twinkl – Create a free account during this difficult period. Downloadable resources for KS3 and KS4
Chatterpack – The link leads to a fantastic list of links for all subjects. The main site is also a great resource set up for students with special educational needs and/or disabilities
Seneca – Extensive secondary age learning platform, great for KS4 revision in particular

US sites that are well produced, but may have content that is not 100% relevant 

Khan Academy – Khan Academy offers no‐ cost YouTube instructional videos in a wide range of content areas, including all levels of mathematics, English language arts, science, history, computer science and programming.

Prodigy Math – Prodigy is a free, online maths program that uses a fun video game‐ style interface to engage learners. Aimed at 5-14 yr olds.

Duolingo – Free online learning for French

No Red Ink – This free, online writing and grammar resource helps learners of all ages to practice and refine their writing skills. Sign up as a teacher (you can use your home as a school), create a learner profile for your child, and then allow your child to log in to the student account and get practicing.

Mystery Science – Mystery Science is offering free memberships for up to one year, with engaging lessons in a variety of science‐ related areas, including timely topics such as, “How do germs get inside your body?” Video lessons are complemented by hands‐ on experiments and downloadable activities.

Codecademy – This spring could be a great time for young people to learn in‐ demand skills like coding in different programming languages, web development, design, and data science. Codecademy offers free access to basic lessons, with the option to pay for more advanced courses if your kids get really into it.

Marginal Revolution University (MRU) – A possible site for KS4 Business students,  the dynamic, self‐ paced introductory economics courses offered for free through MRU could be useful. These are also great classes for you to learn alongside your child.

TED‐ Ed – TED‐ Ed offers a free suite of high‐ quality videos on a variety of topics for learners of all ages, including supplemental materials, discussion questions, and opportunities to probe deeper into areas of interest. Register as an educator and you can help to customize your child’s learning experience, or let your child explore independently.

Smithsonian Institution – Many museums, including the Smithsonian Institution and especially its open access Learning Lab, offer free, online resources and activities for learners. Why not check out the websites of top UK and US museums to see what free, digital education tools are available.

Open Culture – Access 1,500 free, online audio and video courses from top universities, as well as 1,000 free audio books.

Y11 summer experience with National Citizen Service (NCS)

General Hetton School Life Student Resources

Year 11s can now book their incredible summer experience with National Citizen Service (NCS).

The NCS team presented an assembly, on the 7thMarch, and offered the three week programme to students. Places are limited, so interested students should head to www.NCSYES.co.uk to book their place on the programme.

• Taking place during the summer holidays, the NCS journey begins with a jam-packed outdoor adventure with exhilarating activities to make you feel unstoppable.

• Next, there’s another residential at Sunderland University experiencing independent living and developing skills ready for work and life.

• Putting everything they’ve learnt into action, participants create a project that makes a difference in the local community.

• At a celebration event NCS graduates will be awarded a certificate signed by the Prime Minister which is great for CVs and university applications.

The programme is worth around £1,500 but thanks to government-backing you’ll never pay more than £50. Year 11 students from Hetton School can take part for just £35 when booking at www.NCSYES.co.uk – early booking is advised. Young people eligible for a free school meals are eligible for a bursary which may lower the cost further to £10. Please call 0800 197 8010 for more information.

Updated Year 11 VLE Resources

General Student Resources

Afternoon, we have updated our VLE with resources for Yr11’s.

The attached photo shows what has recently been added for science, along with a revision timetable for the whole course which starts today! Providing you with a focus and support along the way. Remember that these resources will benefit you along with your continued use of Tassomai.

The second document that has been highlighted gives revision strategies and will be very useful for maths revision.

KS3 students can also complete work at home by accessing the VLE at anytime.

We hope you’re all staying warm and enjoying the snow!vle